Celebrate Christening with Pandora Designs

If you mean ‘christening a baby instantly make him or her a Christian’,

The answer is ‘No’.

But, if you mean ‘christening bring your baby to God’,

The answer is ‘Yes’.

What is the meaning of Christening?

The word ‘Christen’ is derived from the word ‘Christ’, meaning ‘to bring to Christ’. Christening is the start point of your little’s amazing journey of faith, not the end of it. You and the Godparents will play the big roles along this journey.
By christening your child, you will guide your child to the Kingdom of God where faith, hope, and love belong to. It is your child’s choice to whether become a follower of Jesus or not.

However, baptising an infant who has not recognised what is going on is showing God’s great love for us. He is willing to accept and love our little angels before they can ever know Him. We bring them to God as they were born, nourishing their soul with faith, raising and showing them, that:

Whatever they do …

Wherever they go …

Whenever they need …

God will be there for them, want them and love them unconditionally.

What will happen in Christening?

During the Christening day, you will make the public declaration of your faith in God and your will to bring your child to follow Jesus. Then, your child will be baptised with holy water, washing out the sin to enter a whole new life. This sacrament, Baptism, is part of Christening.

When to Christening your child?

There is no requirement about the age of your child to be christened. It can be done right at the time your baby was born or even when he or she is getting older. However, while the children aged under seven has to have their Godparents to make the promises on behalf of them, they should be able to make the promises for themselves when they turn seven.

Planning for Christening day

To prepare for this special day, there are some important things that should be in your christening checklists, including:
1. A christening gown/dress (for girls) or christening outfit/romper (for boy) – a new cloth represents the entirely new life of your child after being baptised.
2. The christening candle (Orthodox & Catholic) – the entrance into light, to see Christ, to stay away from darkness and share the goodness of the light with others.
3. Godparents
4. Cross & chain
5. One large and one small white towel
6. Small bottle of olive oil
7. Baptismal/Christening box for boys or girls (to put all christening necessities in to carry to Church)
8. Christening cake
9. Christening Bomboniere for boys or girls (the giveaways as a gift to the guest – usually containing almond sugar)
10.Christening Invitations for boys or girls